About Us


San Jose Tulcingo Restaurant is a Mexican family-owned and operated business with our office in the Bronx- New York City. This business was established in 2015 as the fourth business being set up by Eduardo Lucero Velazquez, this restaurant is best known for its quality service mainly in the food, drink and hospitality sectors and accompanied with exceptional customer service. We travel around the world to discover daring flavors taste, then turn them into personal recipes. We’re always at the master of our craft, dedicated to leaving a remarkable experience for every of our guest after their visit.
We emerged from being a grocery store to be a nice restaurant because of the highest quality recipes we produce to the public. Customers, either one-time or regular guests, have long wanted for these recipes. And acceding to their demands, we eventually realized that we wished to share these recipes with our customers and provide them with an opportunity to have a taste of our restaurant.
As an America based restaurant, our menus take its inspiration from conventional dishes like lamb, pork and beef creatively prepared, nicely presented and driven by cuisine all over the world reflecting the global cultured and improved palates of today.


Eduardo Lucero Velazquez is my name, but people call me TOCA, I was born on October 15, 1976, in Tulcingo De Valle where I lived the early stage of my life. I started my working career in a bakery from June, 1993. At the latter time of 1994, with the mind of increasing my income, I left the bakery to a Clothing Factory where I served as a factory worker from 1994-1996. In the year 1997-1998, I joined the factory’s kitchen, and I started making salads. After that, in 1997-1998 I became a busboy, and in 1998-2007 a food runner. But in the year 2007, I decided to open my first corporation which I named it Deli and Grocery Store. And after that, I opened my second corporation Restaurant in 2011. Lastly, I opened the third business Deli and Grocery store in 2012. Finally in 2015, I opened my fourth business name San Jose Tulcingo Restaurant.

Mission Statement

Our mission is:
• To provide tasty and yummy food items to match up with our first-class environment.
• To consistently provide our guests with impressive service by showing warmness, efficient, professionalism, knowledge and integrity to complement our service.
• To provide all our employees with the resources needed to give their best in a satisfying, cooperative and friendly environment.
• To forever keep our idea fresh, thrilling and on the leading edge of the hospitality industry.

We acknowledge our guest right from the time they step in through the entrance and say THANK YOU at least for choosing San Jose Tulcingo Restaurant